Fabricación de otra maquinaria de uso general n.c.o.p.

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Alcobendas - Area Metropolitana (Madrid - Comunidad de Madrid)


Fabricación de otra maquinaria de uso general

Productos y servicios

Comercialización, distribución y venta de instrumentos espectro químicos y científicos.

Fabricación de otra maquinaria de uso general n.c.o.p.
Comercio al por mayor de otra maquinaria y equipo
Fabricación de otra maquinaria de uso general ncop
Fabricación de equipos de radiación, electromédicos y electroterapéuticos
Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery n.e.c.
Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
This Spanish company is focused on the distribution and marketing of innovative analytical instruments, lab equipment, supplies, biotools and consumables for researchers working in the fields of antibodies, cell cultures, cell biology, drug discovery, electrophoresis, genomics, proteomics and stem cells, among others. It was founded in August of 1984. Its registered office is located in Alcobendas, in the province of Madrid. The company has a growing portfolio of products which includes innovative technologies for mass spectrometry, elemental analysis, molecular spectroscopy, sample preparation, informatics, fine and high-purity chemistry production, cell culture, RNA interference analysis, immunodiagnostic testing, air and water quality monitoring, and process control. Its products include PCR and qPCR reagents (Abgene), peristaltic pump fluid handling solutions (Barnant), high content screening and analysis equipment (Cellomics), RNAi control reagents (Dharmacon), ion chromatography systems (Dionex), microscope slides and cover slips (Gerhard Menzel), clinical chemistry analyzers (Arena, Aquakem, and Gallery), lab cabinets, casework, fumehoods, centrifuges, electrochemistry meters, gel boxes, constant-temperature equipment, water purification equipment, and laboratory software. The company helps solve analytical challenges from routine testing to complex research and discovery. It primarily serves pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, colleges, universities, medical research institutions, hospital research labs, government agencies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and R&D laboratories. The company is a subsidiary of U.S.-based Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., which is the world leader in precision healthcare equipment and life sciences supplies. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. was founded in 2006 through the merging of Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific.
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